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Welcome To Tax Academy

Paying taxes is the biggest expense for any business or individual in a growing economy, especially in a country like ours. Hence the demand for competent professionals or tax experts who understand the complexities of tax regulations will only rise. Such trained professionals bring proper training, skills and high level abilities to their service that makes tax paying a more manageable and easy to understand task.

A career in tax helps one understand how to plan, structure and manage an individual and a business’ tax obligations. As per the Govt. of India’s regulations, any graduate is eligible to become a tax consultant. There is no age limit at the entry level and the avenue is open for even those who are already employed. The Government has also taken a number of positive steps to encourage this profession. Those who are interested to enter this profession, for them various Government tax collecting agencies are recognizing separately.

It is a reality that the current Tax Consultants across our State are ex-students of Tax Academy. Besides many of them are operating all over India and making their presence felt in the Tax Consultancy profession. The aim of this academy is to prepare tax consultants who will apply the best theories and practices in business and individual consulting to prepare for a bright and promising future.