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About Us

Our Tax Academy aims to raise the professional competency of the Tax Consulting community in the country to develop an authoritative tax knowledge hub. Our goals are simple and singularly focused on the following :

  • Being the country’s foremost center for tax education: Our structured tax training courses form the primary foundation in tax education through to the advanced levels.
  • Serving as a platform for Tax exchange: The academy creates unique opportunities for the exchange of knowledge of taxes to discuss latest tax issues between the government, the tax industry and the academia.
  • Creating a body of competent professionals: The academy is set out to educate and build a team of capable professionals who will help individuals and businesses solve their taxation problems. This will consequently contribute to a more efficient tax revenue collection process for the country.
  • Providing employment opportunities: We also aim to provide gainful employment to interested individuals hitherto unemployed. Equipped with proper guidance and training, not only do they have financial stability but can also pursue a socially respectable profession.